Wise Mind SEL Curriculum | Quick Ways to Get Calm | Creating a Worry Box & Wisdom Box
Week 2 – Quick Ways to Get Calm (SEL Concept – Self-Regulation)
4 Lessons

Purpose – This week we’re going to learn some tools that we can use to feel calm in those moments where it feels like we don’t have control or we’re in a thought “storm”.

Day 1 – Quick Ways to Get Calm (Video)

Day 2 – Practice Calming Tools (Experiential Activity)

Day 3 – Practice Calming Tools Part 2 (Experiential Activity)

Day 4 – Creating a Worry Box & Wisdom Box (Activity)


Day 4 – Creating a Worry Box & Wisdom Box (Activity)


Quick Ways to Get Calm


Let go of your worried or anxious thinking and receive encouragement, comfort, and wisdom.

Materials Needed:

  • Two boxes — a shoe box or even empty tissue box will work
  • Pad of paper
  • Pens


  • In a corner of your room place a box, pad and pens, where you and your family/guardian can write down your worries, complaints, and fears. On the box, write “Worry Box.” You can choose to put your name on your worries or share them anonymously.
  • Next to the Worry Box, place another box called the “Wisdom Box.” Spend time writing down words of wisdom and putting them in the box. Thoughts in the Wisdom Box can be like the ones below, or feel free to use some of your lyrics/phrases from yesterday!
    • You’ll get through this too
    • Take three deep belly breaths

You can also download the Inspirational Wisdom List included here. Just cut out the individual words of wisdom and put them in the Wisdom Box.

Note: It’s a powerful activity for students to create their own words of wisdom using phrases that have comforted, reassured or inspired them, or words they would use to encourage a friend.

Using the Boxes:

  • When you have thoughts that are worrying you, or if you get caught in a thought storm follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Worry Box
  2. Write down your worry
  3. Place the worry in the box
  4. Take several deep breaths
  5. Go to the Wisdom Box and pull out one sheet with an inspiration
  6. Read the inspiration out loud 3 times
  7. Take three deep breaths.
  8. Repeat the word or words of wisdom throughout your day any time the worried thoughts start to come back