Week 1 – The Calm Within The Storm (SEL Concepts – Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, Self-Regulation)
5 Lessons

Purpose – This week you will learn about thought storms and how, just like storms eventually settle, so can our thoughts.

Day 1 – Thought Storms (Video)

Day 2 – Mindfulness Jar (Video/Activity)

Day 3 – Hurricane Covid (Writing Prompt)

Day 4 – What is the weather in your head today? (Activity)

Day 5 – Make a Meme Day! (Activity)


Day 3: Hurricane Covid (Writing Prompt)


The Calm Within The Storm

SEL Concepts – Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, Self-Regulation

This whole Covid situation sure has felt like a Category 5 Hurricane in many ways. Let’s compare the experience we’re having now to one most of us in South Florida can relate to, specifically regarding our reactions and thoughts.


  • Answer the following question and write your answer in your Mindfulness notebook.
    • When a hurricane is approaching what are some of the best things we can do? Write down 2-3 ideas. Some ideas can be: be prepared, stay informed, stay indoors, have supplies – toilet paper, masks, food
    • What are some things you might do when you experience a “thought” storm/hurricane in your mind?

Notes: Remember -No matter where you are in the thought storm, you’re OK! Who you are is unchanging. Just as the weather outside is always changing, so are your thoughts. The thought storm will pass just like a storm cloud, or even a hurricane does.