Wise Mind SEL Curriculum | Quick Ways to Get Calm | Practice Calming Tools Part 2
Week 2 – Quick Ways to Get Calm (SEL Concept – Self-Regulation)
4 Lessons

Purpose – This week we’re going to learn some tools that we can use to feel calm in those moments where it feels like we don’t have control or we’re in a thought “storm”.

Day 1 – Quick Ways to Get Calm (Video)

Day 2 – Practice Calming Tools (Experiential Activity)

Day 3 – Practice Calming Tools Part 2 (Experiential Activity)

Day 4 – Creating a Worry Box & Wisdom Box (Activity)


Day 3 – Practice Calming Tools Part 2 (Experiential Activity)


Quick Ways to Get Calm


  • Take a moment to get centered by “Planting your feet (placing them firmly on the ground) and planting your seat (centering both sit bones on your chair and holding your spine up straight and tall)”
  • If it feels comfortable to you, close your eyes to minimize any outside distractions
  • Check in with how you feel inside using the same scale from day 1: 0 for totally calm up to 5 for very anxious. Take a mental note of that feeling
  • Hold both your hands out, elbows in, palms up
  • Begin to tap out a beat by tapping each finger tip to the tip of your thumb. Your beat can be at any pace you like and that feels comfortable to you.
  • Now add some positive “lyrics” (phrases) you can say to your beat! Some ideas might be:
    • I am feeling calm
    • Everything is ok
    • Today is a great day
    • I am totally prepared
    • I have all I need
    • I am good enough
  • Continue to tap your beat to your lyrics/phrases for 3 minutes – and feel free to notice your breathing while you do it!
    • Notes: Feel free to use multiple lyrics/phrases during the three minutes. You can change it up or keep saying the same ones-the choice is totally yours! These are your words and this is your time.
    • Remember that you’re doing it right!
  • Now check in again with how you feel inside on your 0-5 scale. Is the number higher or lower? Why do you think that is? Write your answer in your Mindfulness notebook.