Week 2 – Quick Ways to Get Calm (SEL Concept – Self-Regulation)
4 Lessons

Purpose – This week we’re going to learn some tools that we can use to feel calm in those moments where it feels like we don’t have control or we’re in a thought “storm”.

Day 1 – Quick Ways to Get Calm (Video)

Day 2 – Practice Calming Tools (Experiential Activity)

Day 3 – Practice Calming Tools Part 2 (Experiential Activity)

Day 4 – Creating a Worry Box & Wisdom Box (Activity)


Day 1 – Quick Ways to Get Calm (Video)


Quick Ways to Get Calm

Watch the video (6 minutes, 36 seconds) and then answer the questions below by writing them in your Mindfulness notebook:

  • On a scale of 0-5, how are you feeling right now? 0 being totally calm to 5 feeling very anxious.
  • Which one of the strategies in the video do you think might help you get calm more quickly?
    • fill up your belly breath
    • plant your feet, plant your seat
    • heart hug
    • tap out a beat