Wise Mind SEL Curriculum

PLEASE NOTE: This is a sample curriculum for SEL, so some of the functionality may not be available on the website. Our team will build the curriculum in the school’s learning management systems (for example, in Canvas).

Week 1 – The Calm Within The Storm

Purpose: This week you will learn about thought storms and how, just like storms eventually settle, so can our thoughts.

SEL Concepts: Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, Self-Regulation


Day 1 – Thought Storms (Video)


Day 2 – Mindfulness Jar (Video/Activity)


Day 3 – Hurricane Covid (Writing Prompt)


Day 4 – What is the weather in your head today? (Activity)


Day 5 – Make a Meme Day! (Activity)

Week 2: Quick Ways to Get Calm

Purpose: This week we’re going to learn some tools that we can use to feel calm in those moments where it feels like we don’t have control or we’re in a thought “storm”.

SEL Concept: Self-Regulation


Day 1 – Quick Ways to Get Calm (Video)


Day 2 – Practice Calming Tools (Experiential Activity)


Day 3 – Practice Calming Tools Part 2 (Experiential Activity)


Day 4 – Creating a Worry Box & Wisdom Box (Activity)





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