Week 1 – The Calm Within The Storm (SEL Concepts – Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, Self-Regulation)
5 Lessons

Purpose – This week you will learn about thought storms and how, just like storms eventually settle, so can our thoughts.

Day 1 – Thought Storms (Video)

Day 2 – Mindfulness Jar (Video/Activity)

Day 3 – Hurricane Covid (Writing Prompt)

Day 4 – What is the weather in your head today? (Activity)

Day 5 – Make a Meme Day! (Activity)


Day 1 – Thought Storms (Video)


The Calm Within The Storm

SEL Concepts – Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, Self-Regulation


  • Watch the “Thought Storms” Video (3:28)
  • Either a.) answer the questions below in your Mindfulness notebook or b.) have a virtual class discussion using the same questions
    1. Who here is having a crummy, cloudy or stormy thought today? How do they have you feeling? Do you know that our feelings are just a result of the thoughts we are thinking?
    2. Share or write 1-3 thoughts you are having and feelings you are feeling in your Mindfulness notebook
    3. What should we do when our mind is caught up in a thought storm?
    4. Try taking 3 deep belly breaths. Remember to first plant your feet and plant your seat.
    5. Bonus Question: Do you think you can only have negative thought storms? Think a bit about that today and we’ll reveal the answer tomorrow. (Hint: it’s in the Mindfulness Jar video)

  • Tomorrow: You will need a clear water bottle or jar with a tight cap, clear glue if you have it (not a glue stick), sparkles. If you don’t have the materials, you can also use any size snow globe you may already have in your home to follow along with the activity.