The Wise Mind Project is a fully inclusive, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program developed to help schools incorporate SEL and other mindfulness training into their curricula.

We have partnered with numerous community leaders to create an all-inclusive hands-on program designed to minimize the stress and workload of Teachers and Administrators, leaving them with practical, manageable, easily implemented tools while addressing the SEL needs of the students.




● In-person hands-on Team approach
● Holistic approach to implementation involving teachers, administrators, staff, students, parents, and community


● Classroom presentations, Professional Development (PD) Day and Inservice Trainings, Professional Learning Community (PLC) Presentations and Support, Online Resources, and Mentor Support both in person and online


● Implementation of a “Train the-Trainer” Model allowing for comfort with the process, buy in, sustainability, and customization of curricula based on the school’s specific needs


We appreciate tax deductible donations that allow us to offer our program at no cost to our community.


A community generated program where mindfulness meets education