The people behind Wise Mind

Our People Drive
Our Culture

Our team is driven by a passion to empower teachers and students to lead healthy, balanced and successful lives. We push ourselves to continually evolve and improve. 

Michele Verdi-
Knapp Ph.D
Founder/Executive Dir.
Laura Duksta
Bestseller Author
Norby Belz Ph.D
Business Consultant
Andrea Vallely
Transformational Coach
Our values, our DNA

Empowering people in our community

Support local schools, teachers, and students to enhance the learning environment where everyone can thrive and learn.
We provide coaching to improve and build better relationships.
Encourage an enriching curriculum to make an impact today.
Let’s Work Together

The power to transform lives and enhanced opportunities to learn and thrive.

We are proud to work with a mix of professionals who embody our values of giving back, integrity, accountability, excellence, and collaboration.

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