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Wise Mind Project is a fully inclusive, Social Emotional Learning Program. The term “Mindfulness” is an important tool by which understanding how the brain works allow for nonjudgmental attention to the present moment. By learning to identify physical cues in the body that lead to emotional responses, Mindfulness becomes the vehicle by which SEL is accessed and will be infused throughout the program, language, and culture.

What is Mindfulness?

The purpose of the program is to demonstrate how SEL can be incorporated into existing training time for teachers and instructional time for students, without adding more to “do” for either. The customized, multi-touch, and multi-faceted delivery techniques create a shared vision, common nomenclature, and culture of SEL where the concepts become a natural part of daily life in and out of school as opposed to an addition to an already overloaded schedule.

How Social Emotional Learning (SEL) works in Schools

Social Emotional Learning
The concepts around Social Emotional Learning (SEL) have become widely accepted as the framework necessary for all other growth and learning to take place.
It's becoming a norm
Many Schools and Districts are requiring the incorporation of SEL into the curricula. Calling for a holistic approach involving all stakeholders.
We're in this together
Teachers administrators, families, and communities see the need for SEL – it takes a “we’re in this together” attitude and application to embed the benefits of SEL into our schools, community, and world.
How's Delivered

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) delivery model

  • In-person,  hands-on team approach
  • A holistic approach to implementation involving teachers, administrators, staff, students, parents, and community
  • Classroom presentations, Professional Development (PD) Day and Inservice Trainings, Professional Learning Community (PLC) Presentations and Support, Online Resources, and Mentor Support both in-persona and online
  • Presentation of an easy to implement model allowing for comfort with the process, buy in, sustainability, and customization of curricula based on each school’s specific needs.
Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Curriculum Components

Mindfulness in Minutes

3 – 10 minute tools that can be implemented at any time designed to reset, redirect, calm, and center the students, teachers, and overall classroom.

Student Classroom Presentations

Evidence-based strategies for mindfulness and SEL at a developmentally appropriate level on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Teacher In-service Training

Evidence-based strategies for personal stress reduction, resilience, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, mindfulness, emotional regulation, and simple ways to integrate SEL into the classroom routine.

Calm, Connected Cafeteria (C³)

Easy to implement ways to foster social connection and emotional regulation through team building games, music, movement, mindfulness conversation prompts, and competitions.

Morning Announcements

Soundbites of wisdom, once a day/week, related to the current training topic, i.e. self-control, resiliency, and mindfulness…

Online Education

Short videos focusing on calming techniques, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, resilience, and mindfulness strategies. *Accompanying curricula for use in classrooms or groups is available for each video*

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Wise Mind Services

WMP services promote resilience, confidence and kindness. We work with community, educational and corporate organizations to devise practical solutions specifically customized to accommodate your specific needs.
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