Laura Duksta

Ambassador And Author

Laura Duksta is an Ambassador of Love and the author of New York Times bestseller I Love You More – with nearly a million copies sold now worldwide. Her books and programs harness the power of love, connection and appreciation for ourselves, one another and the world. She’s delivered her program “YOU are a star…Keep Shining!” to nearly 100 schools and 100,000 students, teachers and groups across the US and internationally. At age 11, Laura lost all of her hair, to a stress-triggered, auto-immune condition called Alopecia Areata. After many difficult years wearing wigs, she’s embraced her bald head and the power and freedom that come from being yourself. For some, Laura’s program and presence are a transformative experience, liberating people from their own fears and often self-imposed constraints.

Laura has a degree in Sociology, with minors in both African American Studies and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland. She’s served at alternative schools, juvenile detention facilities and rehab centers for infants born to addicts. Laura is both a teacher, and avid student, with extensive personal development and human potential training. She’s been featured on and in dozens of local TV shows, magazines, blogs, podcasts, radio shows, including USA Today, the Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel, on

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