Norby Belz

Business Consultant

Norby is a business coach and consultant, specializing in developing, training, and educating workforces, aligning individuals, students, and professionals with current employer demands. After a nearly 17-year career in health technology at an academic medical center plus earning a PhD in Health Policy & Management, Norby left a leadership position as department chair and professor to create a coaching practice and help people find their path in life. As a department chair, he recruited a nationally recognized team and created a departmental culture and innovative curriculum focused on social-emotional learning, applied experiences, interprofessional education, employer partnerships, and employable skills. He also had over 10 years of experience developing and teaching on-campus, hybrid, and online curricula at the baccalaureate and graduate levels.

As a business coach, Norby consults with universities, schools, employers, and entrepreneurs to develop, train, educate, and transform workforces and future professionals. His expertise is creating and implementing visionary strategies, including online and in-person courses, programs, seminars, and webinars. He has also taught hundreds of courses, expanded departments, and started new businesses.

As a career coach, Norby helps individuals create a vision for their life and career, and supports them to take actionable steps towards making their vision a reality. He has helped people transition into new careers, start new business ventures, complete lingering projects, overcome procrastination, and improve personal and professional relationships.

Norby’s passion is transforming the lives of others through meaningful and mindful experiences.

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